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EURAMAX | AnoMax Range

AnoMax is a range of pre-coated finishes on aluminium that complies with industrial anodizing standards. AnoMax sets itself apart from anodizing by offering great colour consistency, extensive warranties and an economical price for coil coating.

Pre-coated finishes offer great flexibility for bending. resulting in enormous panel versatility. Add to this the possibility of creating your own individual AnoMax colour, and custom anodizing becomes a reality.

Benefits over anodized alumnium

  • Excellent colour consistency & durability
  • Flexibility for bending and roll-forming
  • Price economy
  • Sustainability.

Choose sustainable pre-coated aluminium
On average, twice as much recycled content is used in pre-coated aluminium alloys. This makes a huge difference, considering that recycling requires only 5% of the energy of primary alumnium production.

Produced in coil or sheet aluminium up to 2.0mm and in many different alloys and tempers, all coated with 70% PVDF architectural paint. Proven to be the optimal choice for unbeaten quality, durability and appearance.

Note: Some of these finishes are non-stock items and may require a minimum order quantity and lead times. For more information contact the friendly team at Ambro Metals.

Colours available

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