Selection of Field Grown or Open Ground grown Evergreen and Deciduous trees and shrubs.

Our field plants are grown directly in high-quality peat-loam soil, and the roots are trimmed to encourage a strong root ball.  Once lifted, the root ball is wrapped in hessian and is ready to plant.

Along with avoiding waste (no plastic pot to get rid of), the plants are also easier to plant, with the hessian protecting the roots from handling damage.

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    Deciduous Trees, Evergreen Trees, Native Trees

The hessian we use is organic, and Fair Trade certified.


Evergreens are available from mid May to mid September and Deciduous plants are available from July to the end of August 

*Weather dependent

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Ardmore Nurseries is a wholesale plant nursery near Clevedon, Auckland.  We grow a large range of container and field grown plants including evergreen and deciduous shrubs and trees, hedging, natives, perennials, grasses, conifers, ferns, climbers, succulents, and groundcovers.

We sell business to business, our large customer covering landscapers, retail garden centres, property developers, council and government, farmers and orchardists, retirement villages, other nurseries, and more.