Gaggenau | Vario Flex Induction Cooktop 200 Series

Combining cooking zones to double your heating area is decidedly useful when space is at a premium. The flex induction cooktops range from 28cm to 60cm, each offering a boost function producing a burst of 50 percent more power for searing, boiling or those simply in a hurry. 

The vario cooktops 200 series combine to create bespoke creative surfaces. The downdraft ventilation will keep your cooking environment free from vapour, allowing you to fully utilise your flex induction cooktops while entertaining your guests. 

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  • 28cm
  • 2 flex induction cooking areas 19x21 cm
  • linked together 38x21 cm


  • 60cm
  • 2 flex induction cooking areas 19x23 cm
  • linked together 38x23 cm
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