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Sleep Out Pods

Sleep Out Pods and Granny Flats - the Podlife way!

Looking to expand your home with a granny flat for a parent, child or an aged relative? Well, you have come to the right place! At Podlife, we believe in making every home owner's dream to add convenient pods and granny flats come true.

There are many ways to go about adding a granny flat to your accommodation. Apart from letting its occupant/occupants live an independent life, a granny flat also serves as an additional source of income when it's rented out!

Granny Flats for sale

Easy construction and convenience are the hallmarks of Podlife. You can entrust us not only to build a granny flat big enough for a comfortable life for the aged relative or parent but also one that's perfectly sized to fit into your yard.

Granny flats can be custom-built according to your needs or we can also help you save time with our prefab granny flat solutions. Whether you require a removable granny flat or a portable granny flat, Podlife is the one stop shop!

For the elderly looking for a comfortable retirement, Podlife has built some of the most convenient and cozy granny flats in New Zealand!

We can install the self-contained granny flat in any location you desire, whether it’s a park, village, town or backyard to your specifications.

Our range of prefab granny flats ensures you can move right in without the hassles of supervising installation or construction!

Our experienced design consultants work with you to explain the range of prefab and portable granny flats or design the granny flat according to your needs. Our professionals can advise you regarding the latest regulations pertaining to granny flats in the NZ region.

Steps to getting a great granny flat

The process of building one of the most comfortable granny flats in NZ begins with a call to Podlife!

The first step is to get to know you and the dream you have about your accommodation. Our experts will recommend a granny flat based on your needs and explain the range of choices we have in prefab and portable granny flats. They would also discuss the granny flat prices with you as well.

After you choose the desired granny flat, we begin to formulate the first draft of a design plan to bring to life one of the most stylish granny flats NZ region would proudly sport! Podlife’s expert designers would give you a sketch, layout and the elevation plan to give you an overall picture of how the granny flat will look.

Any other suggestions or modifications you have can be worked through at this stage. The final design plan will be presented after your approval of the rough sketch!

At Podlife, we have the required team of creative experts to make colour suggestions for your granny flat! Feel free to choose colours from a wide selection we offer. Let’s get going!


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