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Graphic Glass and The ClearShield System

ClearShield helps new and existing glass to keep its promise of performance through renovation, protection and maintenance. It is the first system for the conversion of ordinary glass into low-maintenance ‘non-stick’, easy to clean glass, ideal for showers, splashbacks, exterior glass, and balustrades. 

The product is a polymeric resin sprayed onto the glass surface that becomes part of the glass through a strong chemical bond. This bond follows the contours of the glass and forms a very thin multi-molecular protective layer thanks to its unique cross-linking property.

The surface of ClearShield 'low-maintenance' glass is more resistant to corrosion from water vapor, and because chemically inert, it is ‘non-stick’. This means that less dirt and other contaminants stick to its surface, when they do deposit onto the surface, they no longer chemically react with it, and are easier to remove. With the absence of dirt and other contaminants, staining and discoloration of the glass is prevented.

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