Ground Screw for Lightweight Structures


The STOPDIGGING! ground screw system (ground screws) is a proprietary foundation, to support tensile, lateral and compressive loads system, intended for use as a substitute for traditional foundation piles and strip footings as defined in NZS 3604:2011 for buildings, decks and carports, along with all structures requiring specific engineering design.

It is also suitable for use as a foundation system for hoardings, fencing, posts for signs or street lighting, uplift anchors for scaffold, where used with shrink-wrap envelope enclosures, and ground mounted, solar PV panel racking systems.


The grounds screws are made of steel that complies with ISO630 Fe360A – High Tensile Steel for Structural Purposes and are manufactured with a hot-dipped galvanised coating that achieves an average of 125 μm zinc cover. They are classified as category HDG900 (900 g/m2).

Ground screw are supplied in various screw diameters with extensions, adapters, and connection brackets. Specification of diameter, adapter and connection brackets are determined by soil conditions and fixing requirements. The ground screws are reusable and recyclable.

The ground screws are mechanically installed into soil to a depth at which the required resistance is achieved. It is suitable for use most locations, including expansive soil types and locations where frost heave could be an issue.

Ground screws can be installed without disturbance or damage to the ground, and concrete is not required.

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Scope of use

The STOPDIGGING! Ground Screw Foundation System is an alternative to piles and foundation walls as defined in NZS 3604:2011, or for use in other foundations by specific engineering design.

The STOPDIGGING GroundScrew system is certified with CodeMark, the highest form of product assurance available in NZ.

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Groundscrews allow installation of a pile foundation in a fraction of the time it takes with other piling methods.

How do you use our Groundscrews?  

Our CodeMark certification allows a simple design process for building consent.

They are an anchor pile to NZ3604. Standard subfloor design is all that is required. For projects outside of 3604, we have multiple design options for cantilever piles, and spot footings with load bearing capacity up to around 150kN, and larger by special order.

We provide a full specification and installation service, including site specific static pile testing, reports and CodeMark declaration for Building Consent.

For large scale developments, small one off houses and decks, or civil engineering projects, especially in areas with sensitive environmental considerations or limited access, the use of StopDigging! groundscrews will massively impact your construction timeline - for the better:

No spoil / mess to clear up.

No excavation inspections.

No weather delays.

Zero construction waste for foundations.

Lower carbon footprint than concrete.

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