Hand Painted Paper Vase

Cotton paper
⌀130 mm
Out of stock

Colour: White, blue Material: Recycled cotton paper pulp.

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    Home Decor
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    Madam Stoltz

Additional info: Not waterproof. Handmade and recycled items may vary in shape and colour Measures: D:13x22 cm

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Bohzali specializes in authentic one-of-a-kind new and vintage Moroccan rugs and homeware.

Old World Meets New

In the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, our new rugs are entirely handcrafted one knot at a time, the same way they have been for centuries.

Marrakech - The Pink City

From Fez to Marrakech through the mountains to the desert than on to the coast. We travel far and wide through Morocco in search of the most beautiful vintage Moroccan rugs, each rug with its own story to tell, no two are the same. The art and technique passed down the generations.

Our Finest Beni M'Rirt

Our new Beni M'Rirt rugs are hand-loomed in Khenifa by the best weavers a craft handed down by generations before them, made with the finest premium wool sourced from Morocco and around the world. Designs can be traditional or modern and we can also custom-make rug designs, colours, and styles of your choice.

Once the rug comes off the loom they are not finished yet, they then go on to be washed, brushed, and dried 4-5 times. This gives them the softest feel and glossiest finish.