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Hinged Shutters

Our most popular installation method is to hinge your shutters inside your window jamb. These shutters can be installed with a hangstrip behind the shutter to create a very clean look or we can install the shutters a variety of framing that will help us to overcome any challenges in your window design.

You can install hinged shutters in any area of your home. Every shutter can be easily opened to allow access to the window behind to either open or close. Our unique framing solutions mean that is doesn’t matter what the design of your window jambs or architraves are can find a solution for you.

At your in-home consultation we will measure each window in your home and each pane of glass within your windows. We will then work with you to choose the best design for both the functionality and the aesthetic appearance of your shutters. You may be given the option to choose from wider single shutters or narrow multiple shutters within your window or door.

The specs of our 5 different wood types allow you to choose the ultimate design for each opening depending on your budget, your preferred louvre size and your design preferences. Fewer and wider panels achieve a more contemporary look with an open view. For those smaller rooms where space is at a premium, narrower panels may allow better functionality. Your shutter expert will guide you through the entire process.

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