Brown Spring Stone
D70 x W110 x H75 mm - 0.745kg
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An ode to the resilience and wisdom of a tortoise, inviting contemplation on the slow, steady journey of life through intricate, timeless craftsmanship.

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Born out of a desire to share and celebrate my Zimbabwean cultural heritage as a person of dual citizenship raising third-culture children in Aotearoa, Kumusha seeks to bring together two seemingly disconnected worlds through art. 'Kumusha' means 'homeland' in Shona, my mother tongue, and embodies the ideas of connection, belonging, and identity. By sharing my heritage with fellow New Zealanders through art, Kumusha embraces the Shona concept of 'Hunhu' - 'I am because you are.' We are all interconnected, belonging to one another through art. Kumusha, like 'Turangawae wae,' signifies our place of standing. My hope is that, through this journey, others will discover elements that resonate with their own story, forging deeper connections.

At Kumusha, we seek to connect two worlds through art. To promote a shared sense of belonging to each other and our homes, and to foster a love and appreciation of African art and culture.

Shona stone sculptures are integral to Zimbabwean culture, with abundant stone reserves and a unique carving tradition. "Zimbabwe" means "Great House of Stone" in Shona, named after the ancient Great Zimbabwe Settlement, a city from the 11th-15th centuries. This nearly 80-acre city, made of carved stone, once housed up to 18,000 people and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcasing the Shona tribe's historical craftsmanship and innovation.

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