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Kerapoxy - Epoxy Grout | By Mapei


Two-component, acid-resistant epoxy mortar for grouting joints wider than 3 mm, available in 18 different colours. May also be used as an adhesive.


- Internal and external acid-resistant and absorbent grouting of ceramic and stone floors and walls, wherever total hygiene and resistance to most aggressive chemical substances is required.
- Grouting of floors and walls in the foodstuffs industry (dairies, cheese factories, abattoirs, breweries, wineries, preserves factories, etc.), shops, and environments where a high level of hygiene is required (ice-cream parlors, butcheries, etc.).
- Grouting of industrial floors and walls (galvanizing plants, tanneries, accumulator rooms, paper works, etc.), where high mechanical strength and high resistance to attack by acids is required.
- Grouting of swimming pools, especially recommended for pools containing spa or seawater.
- Grouting of basins containing chemically aggressive water (depuration plants, etc.).
- Grouting of tiles on laboratory benches, kitchen worktops, etc.
- Anti-acid bonding of tiles.


Pot life of mix: 45 minutes.
Set to light foot traffic: approx. 24 hours.
Ready for use: 3 days. After 4 days, the surfaces may also be exposed to chemical attack.
Colours: 18.
Application: MAPEI rubber trowel.
Finish: MAPEI sponge or Scotch Brite® tamper.
Storage: 24 months.

according to the size of the joint (see table on page 52).

10 and 5 kg kits and 12x2 kg boxes.

Colours available

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