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  • Is your shelf is a little bigger than most? The large Iron Moa pipe bracket is suited for shelves 20cm deep and greater.
    Suits 20cm-25cm when short side is attached to the wall. 
  • Suits 25cm-40cm when long is attached to wall. 

Your product includes:

  • 2x 4 Hole flange
  • 1x 80mm pipe barrel
  • 1x 125mm pipe barrel
  • 1x elbow
  • 4x wall plugs
  • 4x 40mm screws
  • 4x 20mm screws

 FAQ: How much can these brackets support?

The weight capacity on brackets is dependent on installation and shelf material used. We recommend using 20mm+ shelf thickness to avoid sagging. With shelf brackets spaced approx 80cm apart a safe recommended weight is 12kg when brackets are attached to wood studs. 

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    Wall and Floating Shelves
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    Iron Moa

Premium Quality Pipe

Iron Moa carbon steel pipe and iron fittings undergo extensive preparation to ensure they meet New Zealand consumer standards. The sandblasting process creates a unique quality texture that is hard to find elsewhere.

Pipe and fittings are not galvanized being intended for indoor use. While paint provides a barrier to moisture, when using in a wet or outdoor environment we suggest using clear coat spray for extra rust protection.

+Pipe wall thickness 2.7mm
+Sandblasted and professionally prepped for long lasting results
+Durable epoxy paint or electroplating finish
+Select from 3 colours

Classic Black

Pipe and fittings are sandblasted for maximum epoxy paint adhesion leading to a longer lasting product.

Rustic Bronze

Pipe and fittings are electroplated with bronze to create an authentic rustic finish.

Plastic Free Packaging

Contact us for custom designs, bulk orders or commercial fit outs.

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