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Lighting Control & Automation System

Total control of your home from any device.

Our clients love the ability to create atmosphere with light and recall those presets as desired. They enjoy warm floors in the morning and automated lighting and fountains at dusk. Some of our clients simply appreciate the ability to conserve energy by automatically switching off equipment that is not in use.

Imagine arriving home at night, you open the gate and garage doors with your app or remote control. Unsetting your alarm triggers a path of lights from the garage through the hall and down to the kitchen so you don’t have to fight with light switches all the way down the hall!

Imagine hearing your rubbish bins being knocked over in the middle of the night, hitting the ‘panic’ button by the bed will flood the gardens with light.

Imagine heading away on holiday for a few weeks – a ‘vacation’ button will shut all your lights off and turn off your underfloor heating, towel rails and hot water to conserve energy. We can even activate lights and blinds to give the appearance the house is occupied. Left the bathroom underfloor heating on by accident? – just log in with your phone app and shut it off.

Have you ever seen a wall with three light switches, a thermostat, audio keypad, security keypad and 8″ LCD monitor for the gate camera? An automation system will replace this ‘wall acne’ with one stylish touch screen that can be programmed to control all these devices with ease.

Ask your technology consultant what lighting and automation can do for you.

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