Lunos De-Centralised Heat Recovery Ventilation

Innovative HRV System:
Lunos is a German company that has enjoyed an outstanding international reputation for more than 56 years as a manufacturer of innovative and energy-efficient home ventilation systems. The Heating Company has formed a partnership with Lunos to provide an innovative decentralised hrv system to the New Zealand market.

Clean Air All Day Long:
The core competence of Lunos lies in regulated ventilation in the home. Lunos ventilation systems generate clean and hygienic ventilation of all rooms in the home and ensure dry, mould-free walls. These systems also provide considerable savings in heating costs, combined with low upfront cost and ongoing operating costs, plus of course quality and safety.

Breakthrough in Building Technology:
The Lunos HRV promotes ease of installation and high-performance operation. Rather than installing a central heat exchange unit, requiring extensive ducting and construction intervention and coordination, as is typical – one can now install these Lunos units through exterior walls, without ducting.

Lunos HRV Advantages:

  • No roof space required.
  • No ducting.
  • Single or multiple room investment.
  • More compact than other ventilation systems.
  • More versatile than a centralised hrv system.
  • Better comfort control.
  • Self-governing system; once it’s set up, no adjustment needed in normal operation.
  • Very low maintenance: washable filters.
  • Very low running cost (less than 1 cent per day per fan).
  • Less movement of condensation through the house.
  • Individual system designed to your footprint.
  • System can be modified at later time as your lifestyle changes.
  • Summer bypass option as a standard fitting.
  • Safe low voltage system 12-volt DC.
  • Three types of units available:
    • Single fan e2 which works in pairs and covers 35m²/pair for living areas and bedrooms.
    • Twin fan eGo which works independently for rooms generating moisture.
    • Next through-wall unit that covers 80m² areas with max 112m³/hr.

View our virtual tour showcasing our Lunos and Bart products here, click on the British flag to view in English. 

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Lunos E2 Short System

The Lunos E2 Short System is a modern ventilation system with slim design and stylish vents.


  • Whisper-quiet operation (12.4dB).
  • Designed for new homes or apartments, and suitable for retrofit market.
  • Helps reduce condensation and mold by reducing indoor humidity.
  • Ultra-low energy consumption – uses less energy than a phone charger.
  • Allows building to breathe 100% filtered fresh air & removes bad odours.
  • German engineered ceramic core heat exchanger recovers up to 86% of energy.
  • Bedroom CO2 levels reduced for better sleeping patterns.
Lunos Ego System

e2 and The Lunos Ego Room Ventilation System are among the smallest de-centralised fans for domestic ventilation with heat recovery in the world.


  • Highly-efficient motors with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Very low power consumption, ensuring that it is unique in terms of energy efficiency.
  • German engineered ceramic core heat exchanger recovers heat.
  • If a LUNOS ventilation system has already been installed, an ego can be used in existing outside wallair outlets.
  • Designed for your home or apartment with a simple retrofit.
Lunos Nexxt


  • Heat transfer is made via a cross-flow heat exchanger or optionally via a cross-counterflow heat exchanger.
  • Power input commences as of 5 W and volume flows of over 90 m³/h can be generated.
  • The Nexxt is topped off by a completely new operating concept; placed behind an elegant screen, the control provides a clear but subtle feedback by backlighting.
  • Nexxt is controlled via humidity or temperature sensors as a standard and optionally also via a CO2 sensor.
  • The Nexxt can be installed both under and on plaster.
  • The installation housing of the surface-mounted version includes a stylish design frame making an attractive visual impact.
  • The well-known 160 wall tube is used for the duct to the outside.
  • Low energy consumption from 5W at the lowest setting of 15m3/h, up to 45W at the highest setting of112m3/h.
  • Whisper quiet operation, well below 20 dB for settings of up to 30m3/h.
  • Clean air using standard M5 filters with the option to increase to M7 or M9 for bacteria filtration.
  • USB port for firmware updating, allowing to add wireless sensors, motion detectors and switches.
  • Capability to connect to WiFi eg. via smartphone application control.
  • Intelligent automatic sensing of humidity and temperature as standard.
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