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Marine Glass Protection

The harsh marine environment accelerates the corrosion process of unprotected glass. Seaspray contamination bonds to the glass surface and cleaning becomes very difficult, if not impossible. Dirty glass creates passenger dissatisfaction and affects the crew’s view, compromising safety. ClearShield® Glass is the ideal solution for all marine glass, providing protection from marine corrosion.

Proven technology.

Established in the marine industry for over 40 years, ClearShield is globally recognised as a leader in marine glass protection. A non-toxic liquid application, ClearShield forms a permanent bond with glass and prevents water from sitting on the glass surface, where is would otherwise cause corrosive damage.

Safety first.

Weekend boaties and commercial seafarers alike know all too well that safety on the water is paramount. Because ClearShield-treated glass repels water, visibility is maximised, allowing the crew to operate safely and with confidence.

Looking sharp.

Any boat owner knows that cleaning and maintenance are unavoidable if you’re to maintain the integrity and appearance of your vessel. ClearShield helps prevent the salt-water staining and corrosion that untreated glass attracts, meaning less time cleaning and more time enjoying the view.

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