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Martha Armchair by Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau

A hundred years young. An international brand name representing the design, elegance, and perfection of Italian-made products.

Coming from solid Italian origins with an international reach, Poltrona Frau is a leader in top-of-the-range furniture, and is a spokesman throughout the world for the values associated with the design and production of Italian-made goods. 

Founded in 1912, Poltrona Frau has been refining its sophisticated expertise in hand-crafted workmanship through 100 years of history. This expertise, perfected through time, continues to be passed down by master craftsmen from generation to generation. 

Today, as in the past, this heritage of knowledge and skill is captured within each piece of Poltrona Frau furniture. The intimate and timeless elegance, the personality of each individual piece, are the fruit of the craftsman’s skill and a design that enhances hand-crafted workmanship even in the most modern forms. 

The manufacturing expertise has always been combined with research into materials, in order to obtain the best from leather and from the exclusive Pelle Frau® leather, modernising them while keeping their original, natural softness, warmth, and tactile qualities. The same care and passion are also devoted to the most innovative and technological materials.

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