Air Purifier MCB80ZPVM

At Daikin, we’re dedicated to delivering products and technologies that not only create a comfortable living environment, but also create a healthy environment to turn your home into the great indoors.

Daikin’s Air Purifers keep your indoor space fresh and comfortable all year round.

The NEW MCB80ZPVM Daikin Air Purifier has twice the decomposition power with twin streamer and UVC.

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    Air Purifiers
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  • Warranty
    1 year
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    Commercial and Residential
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    No installation required
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    No assembly required

TWIN Streamer Technology

  • Daikin’s unique Streamer method excels in oxidative decomposition.

UVC Deep Ultraviolet Radiation

  • The unit employs the industry’s first deep ultraviolent (UVC) LED with a wavelength around 265nm, which is effective in suppressing viruses.

Daikin Eye

  • Displays the condition of the air selected by air monitor in 3 colours: blue, orange, and red. If PM2.5 (μg/m3) or humidity (%) is selected, it displays the same colour as the sensor lamp.

Anti Bacterial HEPA Filter

  • A new filter impregnated with an anti bacterial agent has been added to the electrostatic HEPA filter that excels in disinfection performance.
  • Testing organization: Kaken Test Center. Test number: No.OS-20-052690. Test method: JIS L 1902:2015 Bacterial liquid absorption method Test target: three types of bacteria. Test result: Antibacterial activity value 2.0 or higher.

Stylish and Compact Design

  • Flexible choice of where to place the unit. Only 315mmwidth and depth. Fits in neatly because the unit is 630mmhigh, roughly the height of common desks.

Econo Mode

  • The power saving mode that saves energy byoperating between the fan setting “Quiet” and“Low”. Power consumption and operating sounds arereduced. It is recommended to use during sleep.

Anti-Pollen Mode

  • Suitable for pet owners. This mode creates a gentle air by switching every 5 minutes between the fan setting Standard” and “Low” so that the pollen can be drawn in and caught before it reaches the floor.

Auto Fan Mode

  • Automatically adjusts the fan speed according to the degree of air impurity in your room. The fan speed increases when more impurities are detected.

Wireless LAN Connection

  • Shape the world according to your needs with Wireless LAN connection to your air purifier. You can monitor your indoor air quality condition with your smartphone while you are on the move.
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