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Cool-Toned, Grey-Based Woodgrain Finishes

The sublimation process:

  • A photographic image is printed onto a film using sublimation inks
  • The film is wrapped around an item coated in a specially formulated powder coating
  • A vacuum is applied to hold the film in close contact with the powder coating
  • In a high temperature oven, the image is lifted from the film and transferred INTO the depth of the powder coating layer (a process called sublimation).
  • The film is then removed.

The overall finish is governed by the combination of powder coat base colour, and the pattern and colours of the sublimated image. These can be mixed and matched to produce a wide range of patterns and colours to meet most requirements. We use photographs of real timbers and concretes etc, which make our finishes as natural-looking and realistic as possible, and we have hundreds of finishes available.

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