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Multiplay 19mm Turf

A playful product designed to brighten up your tennis game whilst keeping in mind the importance of the job at hand. Green is the colour of yesteryear harking back to the days of lawn tennis, white plimsolls and light-hearted games complemented with tea served in dainty cups and triangles of cucumber sandwiches. This is a product that puts the ‘P’ into play and can cater to all tennis prowess types.

This product has been designed with residential courts in mind where your court can be the gem of the backyard and the envy of the neighbourhood. You are a client that clearly desires the best.

Multiplay has a short 19mm densely stitched pile which makes it the ideal choice not only for domestic use but forms part of the playground range.

Eco Lawn has ensured that Multiplay will not disappoint with this great product which has been made with sports grade polypropylene yarn. Manufactured in Australia to top standards this product means business. It can take whatever the weather chooses to throw at it and then some and will still come out of it looking still at its very best. As for regular use, it will just scream ‘yes please, come back for more!’

Who wouldn’t pass up the chance for a splash of colour to brighten one’s day? There is white, yellow, rust, buffalo green and blue. Why should you conform to what is considered the norm? Normal equals boring! This is the opportunity to make the stand as a unique individual with your own ideas and tastes.

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