Natural Beauty

Black Spring Stone
D240 x W210 x H360 mm - 16.15kg
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"Natural Beauty" is a captivating, distinct hand-carved stone sculpture of an African woman's head bust, adorned with intricately detailed locs. Carved with exceptional detail, the sculpture celebrates her natural hair and exudes strength, elegance and dignity, highlighting the beauty and cultural richness of African heritage.

  • Category
    Original Art, Garden Sculptures, Sculptures and Ornaments
  • Range
    Farai Mangenda
  • Designer
    Farai Mangenda
  • Country of origin
  • Type of use
    Commercial and Residential
  • Package type
    • Special packaging required
    • Fragile - handle with care
  • Care and cleaning
    Easy maintenance
  • Installation
    No installation required
  • Assembly
    No assembly required
Scope of use

Indoor and outdoor.

SKU: # Nat-FMa-01-Spr
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Kumusha offers a range of handcrafted products, including exquisite Shona sculptures, unique indoor and outdoor decor, handmade textile goods, and crafts sourced from Zimbabwe and New Zealand. We bring together the beauty of authentic Shona stone sculptures and African art to create connections between distant worlds.

Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and cultural appreciation shines through in every piece we create. As a woman-owned company, we take pride in promoting shared sense of belonging and fostering love for African art and culture. Come home with us, and discover the beauty and history encompassed in every hand-carved creation.

Our name, 'Kumusha,' meaning 'homeland' in Shona, embodies the essence of connection, belonging, and identity. Through our art, we strive to share Zimbabwean cultural heritage with the people of New Zealand, embracing the concept of 'Hunhu' - 'I am because you are.' We believe that art connects us all, forging deeper connections and resonating with individual stories. 

Our sculptures are made mostly of stone from the geological family, Serpentine, which is both sedimentary and metamorphic. This hard stone is mined in small, open-cast, natural quarries by the artists themselves or locals, making little ecological impact, and providing an important source of income for communities. Colours range from yellow and green, through brown to black, and include black springstone, dark green opalstone, a yellow/green leopard rock, white dolomite, and purple cobalt. Springstone and leopard rock are the hardest varieties. Dense with fine grains and uniform structure making them ideal for sculpting.

Our handmade craft products are made here in New Zealand with materials from Southern Africa and New Zealand.