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Organic Timber Decking

Adding a timber deck to your home is an awesome addition; it can transform your outdoor area and connect your living space with nature. Use the same species to complement your interior timber features, like flooring or joinery, and let it flow on outside.

Hurford’s Organic Timber Decking range is free of sapwood, eliminating the application of chemical treatment, providing a safe, healthy and non-toxic decking option.

Chemical treating of decking focuses on protecting the sapwood portion of the timber board from insect attack and fungal decay. It is not possible to effectively treat heartwood, as heartwood cells contain special tannins, oils, resins and other extractives that prevent the uptake of wood preservative chemicals.

Hurford’s have spent the time to grade out timber boards that contain sapwood so no chemical treatment is required. The timber species selected for Hurford’s Organic Decking range all have the highest
Natural Durability rating of Class 1 above ground, so you can be sure your decking is going to last a long time.

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