When you need to broadcast an important message or inform people of an emergency and tell them what to do, it’s vital that you have a simple, easy-to-use, yet reliable system platform. At Vega, we’ll create a system around these core functions and tailor it to suit the environment, whether it be for small venues, large facilities or campus paging.

Paging and Emergency Systems You Can Rely on

Vega’s paging solutions utilise the latest in digital networked technology from industry leaders. From paging stations to servers to speakers, we ensure the entire system is robust, compliant and works as it should when you need it.

Our comprehensive audio design process is the key to a successful paging system. We understand spaces. We understand the ambient noise that needs to be overcome, the intelligibility and the tuning that’s needed to ensure every announcement is delivered clearly.

Quality Partnerships Deliver Outstanding Results

We work closely with leading manufacturers to develop Paging and Emergency systems that achieve outstanding results in even the most challenging environments and exceed Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF).

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As the largest AV/IT solutions provider in the Asia Pacific, we connect people and technology to improve interaction among your team and clients and get your message to the world.

We continually explore, learn and invest into understanding the connection between AV and IT and have worked hard to bridge this gap to deliver some of the largest and most complex AV systems across the New Zealand and Australia region.

We leverage our global network to deliver bespoke digital solutions that enable organisations of all sizes to connect, collaborate and work more efficiently. We see ourselves as pioneers, and continue to lead the way in integrated technologies.

We believe it is our ability to understand and adapt to rapid growth technology that has gifted us ninja-like agility to adapt to and capture technological shift.


As an industry leader, we believe we have the brightest minds in the industry and use this to continually explore new ways to do things. This approach to excellence sees Vega solutions at the heart of some of the most important mission critical sites across New Zealand & Australia. We will also be found in some of the most fun and collaborative spaces where creativity needs to flow seamlessly.

We’ll run workshops with you to determine an understanding of the current challenges you face. We take time to understand your vision, your current and potential challenges, and measures of success to ensure a smooth project.

Here, we will provide you with design direction and build out what your requirements are and what we need to develop. We will give you an opportunity to feedback on this before we move into the Develop Phase.

We follow best practice development standards to build you a scalable solution to accommodate growth. We work through a tried and tested process to ensure that we get it right the first time.

This is the exciting time for a project! This is where you and your team get to experience firsthand the Vega difference. We’ll work with you to ensure we deploy to the exact specifications.

We provide ongoing support to make sure that you continually gain benefit from your deployment. We are continually looking to improve as your business grows. We are committed to partnership.

Vega New Zealand supports the Commercial, Hotel, Healthcare, Government & Education sectors.