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Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete - is a polished concrete floor right for you?
Floor Masters should be your first choice for your polished concrete floor (Concrete Grinding and Sealing and/or Diamond Polished Concrete). Whether it be a bar, restaurant, shop, kitchen, lounge, patio or whatever. We can grind and seal, or diamond polish your concrete floor to get a smooth attractive finish.

Why have a polished concrete floor?
Polished Concrete is a great flooring medium that is unsurpassed by other flooring options in many aspects.

  • Polished Concrete has great thermal properties – concrete floors are thick and do not change temperature quickly or dramatically. On the other hand, tiles are thin (10mm) and change to the air temperature in minutes.
  • Diamond Polished concrete saves on lighting costs – Mitre 10 Mega estimate that their highly polished concrete floors save them about 80% on their lighting bill because of the light reflection.
  • Polished Concrete is robust – under normal use polished concrete will outlast virtually all other flooring options. Polished concrete is even harder, with greater abrasion resistance. There is nothing to come off, warp, suffer water damage or be cut by a devious child.
  • Polished Concrete is affordable – Lets face it, you’re probably going to have a concrete slab anyway.
  • Polished Concrete is attractive – It is certainly very popular at present. It can be coloured and/or have different coloured aggregate etc.
  • Polished Concrete is timeless – Unlike flower print wallpaper or terracotta tiles.
  • Polished Concrete will suit most home styles and furnishings.
  • Polished Concrete can be used inside and out, allowing that indoor outdoor flow.
  • Polished Concrete makes it very easy to change to a different style of flooring in the future (you don’t have to pull anything up).
  • Polished Concrete floors can easily be dressed up with rugs that are easy to clean or change. (tip, swap rugs between rooms to change the feel of the room)
  • Polished Concrete floors are easy to clean and very healthy because they don’t hold dust mites and everything else dropped on them.
  • You have options. You can colour your concrete, or stain/dye it. You can choose what colour and size aggregate you want, add coloured glass or crushed shell (if it’s not an existing slab). It can be cut into a large tile pattern, with or without grout (2mm deep by 6 or 10mm wide lines). You can have very little or a lot of aggregate showing. It’s your floor and we can help you make all the decisions that are right for you.
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