EcoSmart Pop 3L Low Designer Fireplace

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Combining chic linear style and robust construction, the Pop 3L is a perfect smaller fire where space is at a premium, whether indoors or out. Create a space full of timeless style, with a retro-style fire designed with contemporary technology. Made from robust powder-coated stainless steel and available in a variety of vibrant standard or custom colours, this freestanding fire features a small but effective AB3 burner surrounded by a glass screen for a clear view of the golden flame.

  • Category
    Bioethanol Fireplaces, Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Range
    Designer Fireplaces
  • Brand
    EcoSmart Fire
  • Designer
    James Lee

Indoor & Outdoor

Stainless Steel, Borosilicate Glass


Weight [lb]
15.7 [34.6]

Model Dimensions [in]
W 350 [13.8] D 350 [13.8] H 696 [27.4]

Included Burner

Capacity Litres [Gallons]
2.5 [0.7]

Heats On Average m [ft]
20 [215]

Minimum Room m [ft]
40 [1413]

Burn Time
8 - 11 Hours

Thermal Output
6.1 MJ/h - 5800 BTU/h - 1.7 kW

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Scope of use

Indoor & Outdoor


Enduring, modern retro style
Referencing popular styles from ˜back in the day™, with contemporary elements turning this freestanding fireplace into a modern on-trend piece that transcends trend cycles and brings ambience to your interiors or outdoor rooms.

Aesthetically functional
Slender design with linear and cylindrical elements and a functional space for decorative items, the POP is a cool accent piece that makes a big impact and draws you in.

A portable fireplace for any space
Whether you™re after an accent fire or to blend with your design style, POP Series fires allow you to bring a unique personality into your indoor or alfresco room.

Colour choice
Available in eye-catching orange, yellow, black or white to suit your personal design style, architectural environment and decor.

Made to last
Crafted from quality stainless steel, with coloured Powder-Coating and Borosilicate Glass, for durability and peace of mind.

Clean bioethanol fuel
Powered by eNRG, a natural, clean-burning renewable energy source with no harmful emissions.

Tested world wide
Our collection has been thoroughly tested against a number of global standards and is O-TL Listed in accordance with UL 1370 in the USA, certified in accordance with EN16647 in Europe and the UK, and satisfies the ACCC Safety Mandate for Australia.

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