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PowerStack Off-Grid Lighting Pole Columns

Lighting is a key ingredient in security and illumination. PowerStack Off-Grid Lighting Pole Columns can illuminate almost any outdoor application while seamlessly blending into the surrounding environment. Our smart city technology is dark sky compliant. Off-Grid Lighting is a cost-effective solution when grid power is unattainable or too costly to bring to a site.

Solar-powered lighting for virtually any outdoor application: Highways, streets, pathways, transportation hubs, school campuses, parks, beaches, recreational areas, community spaces, signage and architectural accents.

Configured off-grid vertical solar
By simply adding and removing modules a PowerStack Column can be configured to deliver up to 98 watts of power continuously at any location on the planet. Each PowerStack Column is a self-contained, solar power generator incorporating the latest lithium-ion battery technology and driven by smart charging electronics integrated directly into the unit. Applications are virtually unlimited.

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