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Prolam PLX20® Glulam Beams

The Prolam PLX20® is an innovative structural laminated beam becoming the ideal choice for garage door lintels being the highest strength beam in the Prolam Range. Manufactured using pine radiata with steel inserted into top and bottom laminates to increase strength to increase spanning capabilities.

Key features and benefits:

  • Lightweight 
  • Labour savings - quicker to install 
  • Span further with smaller member 
  • Competitively priced 
  • Easy to specify using Prolam Specifier

Timber used for laminating is carefully selected for production and graded according to strict Prowood specifications. All timber stock is kiln dried, to 13% average moisture content, to ensure efficient bonding in the gluing operations.

The laminations are machine finger jointed if required, with glue being cured by state of the art European press systems and controlled temperature. Prolam PLX20 Glulam products are available in non-visual utility grades.

It is the responsibility of the designer to establish hold down fixing’s accordance with NZS3604:2012 or an alternative fixing solution.

The story behind PLX20: ‘We launched a brand new innovative product, the PLX20 beam, to meet the sudden gap in high strength structural timber caused by discontinuation of the PL17 range. Like all great innovations, it started as an idea.

Research and investigation were conducted by our local engineers, and our technical team determined that it was entirely feasible. It wasn't long before the first batch of PLX20 beams were produced.

They were sent to a licensed research and development facility for professional strength testing. They were a huge success and well exceeded our expectations.

Following successful experiments with several batches, we were ready to sell. Now we are frequently manufacturing these for our stock. Check out the photos and diagrams of the testing’


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