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Drawer Pull-Outs

Use of space The base units play a particularly important part in organising storage space. Used intelligently, more is made of the volume available.

In most cases, pull-out options are the no. 1 choice. The interior space comes out to meet the user, providing convenient access from above.

Internal pull-outs and internal drawers utilise available space to the full and present their contents in a way that is nothing short of ideal. Functionality that also provides design-related benefits: the fronts can be left uninterrupted, i.e. they can be planned without formal breaks.

Assisted-opening feature Handleless solutions reinforce a purist look and, with assisted-opening, are absolutely user-friendly. On pressing the front, drawers and pull-outs automatically move out a short distance and can then be opened manually.

On shutting them, a soft-close feature ensures that drawers and pull-outs, as well as internal drawers and pull-outs, are gently pulled closed over the last few centimetres of travel.

Aluminium drawer frames Given its specific characteristic properties, aluminium is recommended as an ideal material for drawer and pull-out frames.

Since aluminium is light and sturdy, it permits a reduction in weight while at the same time providing high loading capacities. It satisfies the demands on stability as well as on resistance to scratching and abrasion. With an anodised surface, the metallic material is absolutely hygienic.

The frames are manufactured without folds or profiling to fall in line with the overall minimalist style.

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