'Pulse' Art Rug | JG-005

Price per square metre

Experience the captivating charm of the 'Pulse' Art Rug | JG-005 inspired by the artwork of New Zealand artist Jane Galloway. Handcrafted to perfection this exquisite Art Rug brings together New Zealand Wool and Art Silk in an eye-catching combination of colour mixing, experimentation and intuition. Its intricate grid structures are disrupted by looser marks and shapes which reference nature, plants and landforms to create a striking contrast between abstract and realism.

Artist: Jane Galloway

Design No: JG-005

Materials: New Zealand Wool / Art Silk

  • Category
    Floor Rugs, Commercial Grade Flooring
  • Range
    The Artists Rug Collection
  • Brand
  • Designer
    Jane Galloway

Sizing can be customised to fit your individual requirements.

Pile weight - 3.5kg per square metre.

Scope of use

This design is suitable for heavy duty use in both domestic and commercial settings.


Multi-coloured rug with a luxurious texture that will enhance any space.

Jane Galloway

New Zealand artist Jane Galloway’s creativity spans almost five decades beginning at Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland then running a bag manufacturing business followed by a career as a landscape painter, greeting card designer, graphic print designer and lately, full circle back to her first love of abstract painting.

Some of her current output explores the disciplines of colour mixing and composition but she also embraces experimentation and play to give intuition a voice. The final works are not planned. The painting process is about letting go of the outcome and taking risks to see what emerges.

For Jane new styles and themes are beginning to reveal themselves and point the way towards an exciting body of new work.

Jane’s style can be currently seen as grid structures disrupted by looser marks and shapes. Some reference natural subjects such as plants and landforms while others are purely abstract and look to convey a feeling – all a work in progress.

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