Pyrotek Wavebar and Quadzero

Flexible noise barrier Wavebar® is a high-performance, flexible mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier, offering superior acoustic transmission loss. Designed to meet market requirements it has been effectively used to reduce noise in building, commercial, industrial and automotive markets, globally. The engineering team at Pyrotek® developed Wavebar® to be dense, thin, highly-flexible, tear-resistant and strong. These properties give the product high transmission loss throughout the various weight ranges. Stiff lightweight panel constructions, such as plasterboard, drywall, plywood and hollow core walls, typically have coincidence dip resonance which allows noise to transmit through a construction. 

The coincidence dip is dependent on the material’s stiffness and thickness and occurs at the point where the sound transmitted through the structure matches the natural frequency of the panel. Our range of standard mass loaded vinyl barriers include ‘Wavebar®’, and ‘Wavebar® NC’ (Noise Curtain) with reinforced fabric backing offering strength and is self-supporting. The extraordinary strength of ‘Wavebar® NC’ with its versatility to hang or drape in long lengths favour its use as noise enclosures in industrial and construction sites.

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    Acoustic Furniture
Specs / Details
  • Reduces interoffice noise transmission providing comfort, privacy and confidentiality
  • Controls external noise problems from aircraft, traffic and rain noise
  • Increased performance of existing structures in retrofit, by fitting over existing walls and covering with plasterboard
  • Transmission loss across a wide range of frequencies
  • Unique flexibility allows for easy install in tight corners and complex fit outs
  • Low maintenance Reinforced Foil facing providing a robust surface finish, ensuring protection from damage
  • Moisture proof, dust proof and chemical resistant
  • Easy sealing of joins and edges prevents deterioration
  • No specialist tools or equipment required for installation


  • Flexible and easy to install
  • Isolate cavities, over lightweight walls and ceiling constructions
  • Reinforced fabric strength


  • Fire resistant foil properties
  • Resistant to water, oil and natural weather conditions
  • Reflective foil faced surface
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