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Residential Glass Treatment

As the designs for structural glass have advanced to have a minimal visual barrier between the interior and exterior, the façade of glass does much more than provide natural light into a room, as a structural wall or an enclosure, and therefore needs to have qualities to ensure a high standard of clarity and longevity.

ClearShield gives the following benefits to all exterior glass

  • Protects glass during construction, reducing construction costs and delays
  • Keeps glass looking like new, maintaining its clean and sparkling appearance
  • Reduces maintenance by 50% and increases satisfaction of tenants and occupiers
  • Specifying ClearShield® contributes to the ‘Green Building’ initiative by significantly reducing the use of water and harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Save in replacement costs of contaminated glass
  • Resists the adhesion and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi

Clearshield prevents water stains and pollutants from damaging the glass, concrete leaching and much more as a result, glass replacement costs and projects are avoided and significantly reducing the time and frequency needed to clean.

Unless glass in any setting is protected from moisture, , Alkalinity and Dirt build-up it will become damaged and lose its visibility, clarity and cleanliness and become problem glass. Eg: limescale runoff from concrete face, irrigation onto glass, internal shower build up is common examples.

Glass tends to attract dirt, bacteria, fungi and water stains, so it needs regular cleaning. ClearShield glass actually repels all those things, so you clean it a lot less often, which means more time for you to enjoy life. ClearShield is permanent, so your days of scrubbing and frustration are over. It resists limescale build-up, bacteria and water spots.

Includes: Pool Glass, Balustrades,Siding Doors/Windows, Skylights Splashbacks, Showers, 

Extensive Glass with clear views solution for Clean Glass is ClearShield

  • Proven to maintain appearance,
  • Stays cleaner for longer
  • Easier to clean, less frequency of maintenance


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