Ribtrax Modular Floor Tile Techno Green

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Techno Green

Ribtrax is a 400x400mm 19mm thick Polypropylene tile with an 8% rubberised content. Ribtrax uses a patented 4-point injection moulding process and has 24 interlocking loops and pegs to create a strong, resilient and versatile product. 

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    Car Park Flooring, Floor Tiles, Commercial Grade Flooring
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  • Temperature tolerances of -30°C to +120°C. 
  • Compressive strength: 360 kg/cm. 
  • Rollover strength greater than 27 Tonnes per sq inch.
  • 400x400x19 Polypropylene and rubberised compound 4 point injection modular tile with active airways ventilation and diagonal convex topside to create a visual kaleidoscope effect. 
  • UV resistant impregnated Colour fast colours.
Scope of use

Ribtrax Can be used literally anywhere you want to place a floor, providing that a sufficient subfloor base has been provided. Subfloor may be concrete, asphalt, cobblestones, Ceramic/Concrete tiles or timber framed flooring.


Non-slip (AS/NZS 4586:2004 Appendix A (wet method) Class X approved for pedestrian use. Tested as being non-toxic, is easy to clean, resists fading and distortion even under our harshest UV conditions. Resists the most common corrosive solvents and chemicals that are found in general daily use and even those that are more volatile commercial applications. Has a high flame resistance (HB Certification) and has both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Food safe and resistant to bacteria contamination. 


Ribtrax is backed by a 15-year Commercial Use warranty and a Lifetime warranty when installed by Swisstrax NZ and is in Residential environment. 

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We've been supplying and installing Swisstrax in NZ since 2012 and predominately involved in residential garages and more recently moving into medium and large commercial operations involving warehousing, workshops and heavy industrial premises. Swisstrax NZ is based in Auckland and has an army of contact installers which we call upon for Events and larger fit outs - and has more recently moved to appoint regional distributors to cover areas where we have generated sales outside of Auckland.

We offer a complete design and installation service throughout the North Island and hope to reproduce that soon in the South. If you want to buy a floor or simply hire it for an upcoming event - we will assist in the design and with our experience - help guid you to create a "floor to remember". We also work very closely with Garage fit-out specialists - Pimp My Garage is a great example of a reliable and knowledgeable supplier - will not only hide all your toys and tools in wonderfully constructed cupboards and benches - but they also create hanging wall space that puts your bikes, kayaks, lawnmowers and tools - up off the floor.

Swisstrax tiles are 4-point injection moulded and come in a selection of colours that resist fading even in our harsh NZ environment. Swisstrax tiles have a Residential lifetime guarantee against bending, fading or shattering under normal conditions. These tiles have been tested and certified to NZ standards for use in the public domain as a "Pedestrian" safe flooring and are food safe. A Swisstrax tile will withstand over 27 tonnes per square inch rolling resistance, and we've seen heavy machinery and equipment put Swisstrax "to the test".

Swisstrax Flooring is truly a "once in a lifetime" purchase, so if you move your business or home - you can simply pack up the Swisstrax flooring and "take it with you". Now what other flooring product could you do that with and own for a lifetime?