Roger Bionik Commercial & Industrial Car Barrier Arm

$4,100 - $9,600*
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The Roger Bionik Barrier arms are a powerful automatic arm capable of moving up to an 8m arm and as many as 4000 times per day. Due to cutting edge brushless technology combined with precision mechanical engineering the Bionik is safe, fast and suitable for intensive use. It has a compact 36v brushless motor that delivers the smoothest torque application in the market, prolonging the life of the gearing, beam and other mechanical parts. Being low voltage, the operator is inherently safer than high voltage operators and has the additional benefit that there are multiple power options.

  • Category
    Barrier Arms, Automatic Gates
  • Range
    Barrier Arms
  • Brand
    Roger Technology
  • Designer
  • Warranty
    2 years
  • Country of origin
  • Type of use
    Commercial and Residential
  • Package type
    Special shipping required
  • Care and cleaning
    Easy maintenance
  • Installation
    Professional installation required
  • Assembly
    Professional assembly required


Central Control Unit

  • Auto Close up to 9 Minutes
  • Automatic Self-learning encoder
  • Obstacle detection with immediate reversal
  • Courtesy light output
  • Photocell input with test function
  • Safety edge input
  • Electric lock/magnetic lock output
  • 24v flashing light output
  • Energy saving function to minimise power consumption
  • Speed adjustment


  • Max Beam Length - up to 8m
  • Input Power - 230V AC
  • Motor Power - 300W, 36V brushless
  • Max torque - 400Nm
  • Opening time - 9-29 seconds
  • Master/Slave Operation - Available
  • Control board - CTRL
  • Daily Operation cycles - 2500
  • Dimensions - 500 x 270 x 1273mm


  • Max Beam Length - up to 6m
  • Input Power - 230V AC
  • Motor Power - 220W, 36V brushless
  • Max torque - 300Nm
  • Opening time - 3-8 seconds
  • Master/Slave Operation - Available
  • Control Board - CTRL
  • Daily Operation cycles - 4000
  • Dimensions - 300 x 270 x 1273mm


  • Max Beam Length - up to 4m
  • Input Power - 230V AC
  • Motor Power - 220W, 36V brushless
  • Max torque - 200Nm
  • Opening time - 2-6 seconds
  • Master/Slave Operation - Available
  • Control Board - CTRL
  • Daily Operation Cycles - 5000
  • Dimensions - 280 x 210 x 1203mm


Power Options

  • Mains - the most reliable option if it is possible to get 230v out to the Barrier Arm.
  • Solar - Roger Automation is very energy efficient and suits solar power. The specification of your solar panel(s) and batteries depends on your application and we will help you select the right solar solution.
  • Read more about power options on our FenceLab Learning Page.

The Roger Automation range of brushless gate operators offers huge advantages over traditional brushed motors.

  • High torque to weight ratio – these low voltage motors can now be applied to applications that were once only served by larger 230v / 415v motors.
  • Increased efficiency – Significantly reduced losses due to the motor construction. With the omission of brushes and the fact that the motor windings are supported by the motor housing, any heat generated is cooled by conduction resulting in ultra-low power consumption and a super-intensive duty cycle.
  • Longer lifetime increased reliability and reduced noise – This is achieved due to the elimination of brush or commutator erosion, ionizing sparks and the overall reduction of electromagnetic interference.
  • Higher speeds – Brushless motors are capable of higher speeds without the loss of torque. Brushed motors develop maximum torque when stationary, linearly decreasing as velocity increases.
  • Superior control & motor positioning – Utilising the pulses from the undriven coils within the brushless motor and the technology incorporated in the controller the motor is capable of achieving precise control and positioning. One obvious advantage to this is significantly reduced stresses to the motor and gearbox resulting in the overall longevity, sustainability and reliability of the unit. 
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