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Rosewood is a timber with remarkable physical beauty, an amazing range of uses and durability matched only by timbers which are either more expensive or which do not possess the same physical attraction or working qualities. Rosewood is described as having a variable grain pattern. Timber varies in colour from yellowish-brown to golden brown through to red-brown or sometimes a blood red colour. Leading furniture makers actively seek out the timber because of its flexibility, strength and relative ease of its working qualities and finishing properties as well as its low shrinkage and stability in-service.

Working properties: Rosewood seasons readily and well, however care should be taken not to dry the timber too fast as distortion and checking can occur. It is a remarkably stable timber with low shrinkage and very little movement when in-service. Properly seasoned timber is dimensionally stable and retains its shape well after manufacture.

Uses: Suitable for high quality furniture and cabinetwork, flooring, finely turned articles, boat building, rifle butts and decorative sliced veneer. It has good acoustic and tonal qualities, making it suitable for musical instruments.

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