Salt and Pepper Interior Concrete Finish

Salt and Pepper exposure is the finest stone exposure that’s available. Based on your concrete conditions we will be able to advise the best solution to achieve the finest possible exposure.

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Polished and sealed concrete flooring finishes are among the most environmentally friendly flooring finishes, in large part because of the simplicity of the product, generally speaking once you have your slab poured, Grindking will come through and Polish or remove a thin layer according to the client brief – and so the process is about removing an element as opposed to adding – as is the case for timber or carpet finishing.

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Salt and Pepper Interior Concrete Finish

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GrindKing has been specialising in polished concrete since 2003.

GrindKing has been specialising in polished concrete since 2003. Beginning with a small crew we have now expanded to have a large fleet. Our team is known as the leading concrete grinding company in the Bay Of Plenty and now has a branch in Hamilton to cover the Waikato.

This growth has meant our capabilities have expanded from residential products to large-scale commercial projects such as extensive levelling work on the recent Tauranga Farmers development and the addition of Bush Hammer tooling.

The GrindKing Team have comprehensive experience across all areas of concrete grinding, polishing and sealing. GrindKing is well-equipped with the latest industry-leading machinery and has the manpower to take on jobs of any scale.

So whether it be a high-end residential or a mammoth warehouse floor you’re after, GrindKing can help you out.