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Samsung 648L French Door Fridge/Freezer

Samsung 648L French Door Fridge/Freezer With Beverage Showcase

Beverage Centre:
Thanks to our clever Showcase door-in-door design, we've kept the external design of the fridge seamless, and moved the water dispenser inside, to create a quick access, hygienic beverage station. The autofill water jug, water dispenser and drinks storage are all within easy reach in our new Beverage Centre.

Autofill Infuser Water Jug:
Got a serial offender in your household who always forgets to fill-up the water jug? Not a problem with our BPA free autofill infuser jug. Just pop it back into it's handy station and it will refill automatically. No waiting. No room temperature tap water ever again. And if you're feeling fancy, add some flavours to the infuser for a refreshing twist.

Dual Ice Maker:
Make sure you are always prepared for any occasion with two different types of ice. The Dual Auto Ice Maker has two separate ice makers that make regular Cubed Ice and Ice Bites. The Ice Bites are smaller and chill drinks fast, so they are especially good for families with children. It can make up to 2.6kg of ice a day and store up to 3.1kg at a time. And because it is in the freezer instead of the door it frees-up storage space in the fridge.

Premium Flat Door Design:
Elegant 'built-in' look thanks to the flat door design for a seamlessly elegant and modern, high-tech look. Its simple and sleek look is accentuated by recessed handles, with an antimicrobial coating on the handle that helps to protect it from degradation from certain microorganisms.

Anti-Fingerprint Finish:
Keep the fridge looking stylish, with the help of our anti- fingerprint finish. Helps discourage fingerprints on the external surfaces of the fridge, and easily wipe away any that do appear to keep things in tip top shape.

Sized for Australian Kitchens:
You'll be amazed by the expansive French Door storage space. The full width fridge is perfect for large platters when entertaining. The large dual freezers and clever in door storage bins, let you stock-up on everyone's favourites, while keeping everything within easy reach. Designed to fit a standard 1800mm high cavity, common in many Australian kitchens.

Big Bottle Door Bins:
Keep large bottles and jugs within convenient reach with the large capacity door bins providing plenty of space, even when the family, drink milk by the gallon. The deep door bins provide plenty of room for those BIG 3L milk and 2L soft drink bottles, without crowding out the internal fridge space.

Big Crisper:
Stock-up with all the good stuff, and keep the crunch, with large capacity, deep crispers help you to maximise fresh fruit and vegetable storage.

All-around Cooling:
No matter where your food is stored in the fridge, it will be cooled. All-around Cooling technology continually checks the internal temperature and blows out cold air when needed. Multiple air vents on every shelf help ensure even distribution of cold air from corner to corner to help keep your food fresh.

Power Cool / Power Freeze:
At the touch of a button, Power Cool blows intensely cold air into the fridge, so foods and drinks are chilled quickly. And Power Freeze delivers a fast blast of cold air into the freezer. It’s great for freezing or firming up frozen food, like ice cream, and making more ice.

Water Filter - HAF-QIN:
Samsung water filters, using high grade carbon block, help remove numerous substances which may be present in your water such as chlorine, microbial cysts, heavy metals & chemicals - common industrial substances with high toxicities that can infiltrate the water source. One filter ships as standard with this model refrigerator. When the filter light indicator turns red, it's time to replace your filter.

  • Beverage Centre
  • Autofill Infuser Water Jug
  • Dual Ice Maker
  • Premium Flat Door Design
  • Anti-Fingerprint Finish
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