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  • Reliable cutter pump

Within the Sanifos range, the Sanifos 280 is a lifting station for black water and is installed underground. It consists of a 280 litre tank and a Sanipump Cutter pump with float switch.

This lifting unit can be used to pump all the waste water in your house to the main sewerage line: WC, sink, washing machine, etc.

Sanifos 280 is delivered with its own hydraulic system including a shut-off valve and non-return valve. A 40 cm extension ring is available as an accessory where additional height to ground level is required.

This underground lifting station is manufactured in France.

  • Category
    Toilet Suites, Water Pumps, Tanking
  • Range
    Inground Pump Chambers
  • Brand
    Saniflo SFA
  • Warranty
    2 years

Number of pumps // 1

Materials //

Tank // PE
Pipework // PVC

Electrical characteristics //

Voltage // 230 V
Frequency // 50-60 Hz
Power consumption P1 // 1500 W
Power output P2 // 1050 W
RPM (Revolution Per Minute) // 2800
Electrical class // I
Motor insulation class // F
Maximum immersion depth // 5 m
Power cable: length // 10 m
Power cable: Type, Section // H07 RN-F 3G, 1.5 mm²

Hydraulics //

Max. head (Q0) // 14 m
Maximum flow rate // 11 m³/h
External inlet diameter // 50, 100 mm
Discharge pipework // 50 mm
Ext. ventilation diameter // 75 mm
Total volume // 280 L
Min. incoming water connection // 180 mm
Max. incoming water connection with extension if available // 885 mm
Type of impeller // Grinder
Type of activation // Float

Logistics //

Gross weight // 55 kg
Barcode // 3308815083117
Factory code // SANIFOS280GRS

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SFA is a French manufacturer of Greywater and Macerator pumps with Watermark approval. When refurbishing an existing building, conventional plumbing is not always an option or can be too expensive. A Saniflo pump is ideal when there are no drainage line options nearby as these pumps can be used to pump grey water or sewerage to the existing line over long distances and heights.