Sentry Car Park / Area Light

The Sentry is a high-performance car park/area light designed with aesthetics and performance in mind. Aesthetically, the Sentry has a sleek, angular appearance with a hidden heat sink. 

The Sentry's high performance is thanks to its high-quality components that give it an extra long lifetime of >100,000 hours and a very high efficacy of up to 160lm/W for excellent energy savings. 

Multiple professionally designed optics are available for design flexibility, covering car parks, walkways and internal roads. If spill light is a concern, we can add our innovative internal spill light shields for excellent light control; your neighbours will thank you.

  • Category
    Wall Lights
  • Range
  • Brand
    Evolve Lighting
  • Designer
    Michael Strong
  • Year
  • Warranty
    5 years
  • Orientation
  • Lighting type
    Direct light
  • Light bulb type
Scope of use

The Sentry can be used for car parks, walkways, private roads, security lighting. 

  • Modern design with no visible heatsink
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Ultra-efficient system efficacy of up to 160lm/W
  • Long lifetime of >102,000hrs to L70
  • Multiple professionally designed optics
  • Tough IP66 and IK09 construction
  • Internal spill shields available for strong light cutoffs
  • Dark sky friendly with no uplight and nightscape technology
  • Nightscape LED option available for reduced blue light (<2%)
  • DALI-2 D4i and Time dimming are available 
  • Long-lasting Interpon Polyester coating
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