Making a property weathertight is a critical milestone during construction. It signifies the building is now sealed against wind and rain and the next financial payment will soon be released from the owner.

Once joinery is installed the last thing you need is for it to be damaged. That’s where Altus Window Systems Sill Protectors come in. 

They’re designed to safeguard against any delay caused by damage during the remaining building process.Altus Window Systems Sill Protectors are now available nationwide for the Pacific Residential and Weathertight systems.

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  • Fully Recyclable PVC
  • Extensive use on major project sites has shown our sill protectors to be sturdy enough for heavy foot traffic.
  • There’s no chance of missing our sill protectors – they’re bright orange to provide a visual reminder to take care when walking over a door sill.
What does it do?

What does it do?

Simply – it helps prevent scuffs, scratches and dents in newly installed joinery. Altus Window Systems Sill Protectors are the industry-leading solution designed to prevent damage to door sills before it happens, saving you time and money. Note: the Altus Sill Protector will help safeguard your Altus door sills but does not guarantee total protection.

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Since its inception in the early 1970s, Nebulite™ has been a market leader in product development and has built its reputation on a commitment to innovation and quality. It was the first to develop and market the revolutionary passive ventilation system, Supervent™ that was the starting point for what is now an integral part of many window systems.

As part of its commitment to ongoing innovation, Nebulite™ has developed its window and door solutions philosophy, tailoring its products and services to specific consumer needs and creating tailor-made solutions. Nebulite™ fabricators tend to be a large-scale business with strong residential design and commercial building expertise.

We're experts in windows and doors and a licensed fabricator of Altus Window Systems. 

Talk to us about providing cost-effective and practical design solutions for your next project.