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Smart Home Voice Control Automation

The once gimmicky Smart Home Voice Control Automation by Automation Associates is making technological leaps and bounds and global purchases of voice control devices grew by close to 30% in 2019 due partly in response to COVID-19 as a way to avoid contact with high-touch surfaces such as smartphones, TV remotes, light switches and thermostats. Lower touch of keypads through voice control has positive health benefits in both residential, commercial and public applications.

As more computing power and better back-end AI is available to voice control products we are spending less time swearing at Siri as she gets better at delivering what we want the first time. Siri is now at a point where she is more useful than annoying and can send a text message in less time than it takes to unlock your phone, find the recipient and type your message. Super handy if you need two hands on the steering wheel at the time.

There is a multitude of voice control platforms such as Apple’s Siri on your iPhone, Google Assistant for Android, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon Alexa and Atmos Control which can be used to control your devices and smart home, find information online, control your music, heating, lights; play content, run timers, send messages, open apps on your phone, read your notifications to you, connect to security cameras to see who is at your front door, adjust motorised blinds and unlock/lock the front door. Voice control is also being added to other devices such as remote controls and microwave ovens.

Voice control can be a nice addition if you have an existing home automation system. If you have a Vantage home automation system we can add voice control to your scenes. Or for basic voice interaction, we can help you with an Alexa installation. 

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