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Smart Wiring System

Did you know that conventional house wiring does not allow for computer networking or the ability to watch Apple TV, Sky or Blu-ray around your home? The fact is that these systems are not designed to manage modern communications.

Smart home wiring is a platform for Phone, Internet, TV and future systems to use around your house. Smart wiring also includes home automation systems for access around the house.

What Smart Wiring Can Do For Your Home

Our new automated systems make it easy for you to access control systems for your home theatre, security systems, house alarms, and other home electronics.

For example:

  • With an Automation Associates smart house wiring system, you can access any Sky decoder, Apple TV & Blu-ray player on any TV in the house.
  • With a radio or infrared control system, you can control these devices from any room.
  • Deliver blazing fast internet to your wired or wireless devices with our high-speed networks and wireless access points.
  • Clustering access points (APs) ensures that your control device can roam from the access point to access point in the house without dropping off the network.
  • Still, have a home phone line? Route the home phone number through to any room you like and add extra lines at any time without the need to add more cable.

The Future and Your Home

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to turn your house into a smart home. You can set up your home for the future right now. Take advantage of new technologies as they become available in the future with an Automation Associates smart wiring system.

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