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Smart Wiring

Structured Cabling

The backbone of any smart home technology system is the wiring that sits behind the walls. Without it, reliable streaming of audio and video is next to impossible.

At EAV, we design cabling systems to meet both your current and future needs. We ensure the right cabling is in the right locations, particularly in architecturally designed homes or those with limited or no ability to run cables in the future.

We select the correct cabling for your situation, whether that’s cat6 (copper data cable), shielded coaxial cable for TV and satellite signals or optical fibre from the street right into the heart of your home. High demand devices can be connected to the network by cable, leaving your Wi-Fi free for those portable devices that need it.

When you want high quality video and audio, crystal clear VoIP calls and rock solid internet and Wi-Fi, choose EAV for your smart wiring.


Networking Solutions

When you choose a fully managed network system from EAV, you get a cloud-hosted management server that lets us diagnose faults remotely. We provide full support for your network and the devices connected to it, using the Unifi end-to-end network solution from Ubiquiti.

To guarantee full, fast Wi-Fi coverage, we load your plans into our wireless modeling software to determine the exact quantity and location of WAPs (wireless access points). We centralise the structured cabling for easy patching of outlets to give you full control of your network.

We use the latest hardware as soon as it comes to market. 5G is already here and the next generation of Wi-Fi, 802.11ax, will boast massive speeds not available previously. With these constant large leaps in technology it is easy to be left behind. But not if you let EAV set you up for the future with our smart networking solutions for your advanced home automation systems.

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