These are designed to put heat into the Pool from the sun. While Solar Bubble Covers have the ability to raise the temperature of the pool, they don’t retain the heat as well as the Thermal Blankets.

These are designed to float on the pool surface with a closed cell foam core. This creates an insulating layer which traps heat in the pool. Whilst a Thermal Blanket will not heat your pool, it has the best ability to retain the heat that is already in the pool. (Recommended for heated pools)

Pool Covers Make Sense. Pool Covers help keep leaves, dirt and other debris out of your pool, which ultimately saves you time that would otherwise be spent cleaning. By keeping the heat in and the dirt out, pool covers also reduce chemical bills and save wear and tear on the pool equipment.

We supply and install a full range of Automatic and Manual Pool and Spa Pool Covers.

A pool cover saves up to 70% on operating costs.

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Saves energy, adds heat - A Cover-Pools cover reduces heating costs and extends your swimming season by acting as a giant solar collector.

Saves water and chemicals - By reducing evaporation, your Cover-Pools cover cuts water loss and reduces the use of chemicals.

Saves cleaning - Minimize the time and effort spent cleaning out dirt, leaves and debris when using an automatic pool cover.

Saves pool equipment, extends pool life - With a covered pool, you keep the heat in and the dirt and debris out.  Heaters and other pool equipment work less and last longer.

Saves money - By saving heat, chemicals, cleaning, and extending equipment life, your Cover Pools cover quickly pays for itself.  You can save up to 70% on operating costs, which is a great return on your investment.

Made of durable PVC Vinyl, laminated over a reinforced polyester mesh for strength and tear resistance. Cover-Pool covers are so strong they can withstand several adults walking on them at one time (emergency only)..  The cover has stainless steel ropes and welded seams making Cover Pools industry leaders in automatic pool covers continually improving with R&D. Keyed entry also lets you determine who uses your pool and when.

It’s a recommendation that no pool, new or existing should be without.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy all the benefits of pool ownership. Cover-Pools has you covered.

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For over 50 years the Norton name has been synonymous with all things to do with Swimming Pools in Marlborough. Greg and Nicola Norton carry on the name and legacy of Aquanort Pools, started by Greg’s father over 50 years ago. Since 1964 they have supplied high quality pools and products and services to very happy clients around the region. The business growth saw the company move to their premises at 12 Timandra Place, Blenheim in 2006. Now a Third Generation business with son Tom taking charge. 

Aquanort Pools can provide you with the perfect Pool for your requirements, budget and location. 

Aquanort Pools also specialise in revamping old and existing pools, re-plastering, re-tiling, re-piping etc giving them a facelift and bringing them back to life. 

As a company, Aquanort has earned the reputation of having great craftsmen with the ability to create a unique pool and entertainment space, including spas and water features unique to each clients personal space and taste.

Aquanort pride themselves in sourcing what they believe are the best pool products available, whether it’s a filter, pump, solar heater or the best in surface coatings. So if it’s a new pool or a family pool that needs refurbishments, a spa or landscaping that you need help with – Aquanort’s experience of three generations will go above and beyond to realise your dream.

In 2023 we won the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award for Manufacturing & Construction - contact us to hear more about building a Sustainable, Climate Care Certified pool. 

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