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Solar Panels

ClearShield Glass® = Greater solar energy performance with less maintenance.

Staining and discolouration on the glass surface caused by air- and waterborne contaminants will reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of a solar energy installation as less light is absorbed. Research has shown that:

  • installations lose up to 4% efficiency in the first month of operation
  • contaminated solar panels lose 8% efficiency or more due to dirt and surface damage during the early stage of usage
  • contaminated solar panels will only run at best at 80% efficiency during its operational life due to glass contamination and losses

The efficiency of solar panels has a direct link to the light transmission of glass, and therefore the cleanliness of the glass surface. In short, the cleaner the glass, the more effective the solar panel. Thanks to the ClearShield Eco-System®, glass on installations can be renovated to remove contaminants on the surface. This in turn restores the installation's peak load performance to its original level.

ClearShield® Protection Protection with the ClearShield® resists staining and discolouration, keeping the glass surface cleaner for longer. This optimises light transmission, maximises efficiency and maintains performance for longer, as well as reduces maintenance requirements.

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