Wood Fired Hot Tub

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Stainless Steel
L1900 x W1900 x H1050 x ⌀1900 mm - 1000L

The Wood Fired Hot Tub – a true work of art, is meticulously crafted by artisans using stainless steel.

Adorned with interior insulation and finished with a coat of natural cedar timber cladding, it’s a stunning sight to behold.

Boasting a 1.9m diameter, this hot tub is the epitome of indulgence, perfectly designed for up to six adults to experience.

Our wood-burning hot tub is constructed from stainless steel interior and cedar timber cladding. A genuine Stoked Stainless hot tub requires almost no maintenance and minimal cleaning. You can leave the hot tub empty when you’re not using it, even for extended periods. Traditional wooden hot tubs would shrink and develop leaks, while ours are ready for use again right away, with no special treatment. We also provide hybrid spas which enable you to use both wood fired and electric heating solutions, ideal for places where water is scarce.

Better for the environment

The Stoked Hot Tub is eco-friendly in the environment and green by their nature. You don’t need harsh chemicals to clean or maintain them, and you don’t even need to use chemical additives for the water!

The water comes out essentially as pure as it went in, and while we don’t encourage you to drink what is essentially your bath water, it is more than clean enough to use for irrigation or nearly any other purpose when it’s time to drain the tub, and at a 1000 litre capacity, that would be plenty of water to waste!

Simple, easy, inexpensive, and fast

When you fill your tub with cold water, the Wood Fired Hot Tub takes only 2 ½ hours to get up to the perfect temperature.

You can control the water temperature as you go by either adding more firewood or letting more cold water in with the tap. Both operations are easily done without even leaving the tub, so you don’t miss a minute of the fun.

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    Easy maintenance
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Key features

Stainless Steel – 304L grade

Temperature range up to 46°C

1.9m diameter x 1.05m height, seats up to 5

Exterior cedar colour options:
– Hessian (light)
– Foundry (dark)

Optional: Insulated lockable cover included


Wood-fired burner

Requires no electricity or water treatment chemicals

Heat-shielded flue for optimal safety

Off-grid solution

  • 50-year warranty on the stainless-steel tub
  • 2-year warranty on pump, heater, controller and cover
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Cedar hot tubs, spas, plunge pools & baths made with Stainless Steel

At Stoked Stainless, we create top-of-the-line stainless steel and cedar hot tubs, spa pools, plunge pools, and bathtubs.
Our range of spas, bathtubs and hot tubs is designed to offer a lifetime of enjoyment and relaxation.

No matter the climate, our products are versatile and can be used in both hot and cold weather conditions, making them perfect for year-round use. With wood-fired, electric and hybrid options available, you can choose the perfect model for your indoor or outdoor oasis.

Each of our tubs is a unique creation crafted individually by skilled artisans with meticulous attention to detail and dedication to excellence. Whether you seek a wood-fired hot tub for your outdoor space or a lavish bathtub for your indoor sanctuary, our stainless steel and cedar tubs are fashioned from the finest materials and engineered to endure a lifetime.

Our commitment to quality control procedures has raised the bar in the spa pool and hot tub industry, both locally and internationally. We take pride in crafting every Stainless & Cedar tub to perfection just for you.