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Tanova Designer Series 2 Laundry Units

Tanova Designer Series 2 includes premium pull out laundry hampers (and kitchen bins; see our separate product profile for them!) 

What makes this range different? 

First; these models are built on Simlead premium slimline drawers (D height - 185mm) which means truly innovative push to open technology!  

Next? Tanova Designer Series 2 pull out laundry baskets feature both SOFT CLOSE and PUSH TO OPEN SOFT CLOSE models.  

  • Available for cabinet widths of 350mm, 450mm, 600mm, 700mm 70kg carrying capacity 
  • Options with one or two 36L hampers
  • Model with 2 baskets available with both baskets in white, or one in white and one in blue to assist with pre-wash sorting
  • Solid-steel powder coated frame with front-fixing points to provide support for the drawer front 
  • Units include frame, drawer back and base panel sides in white  
  • Easy one-code ordering gives you the complete unit, including the drawer, ready to install

Push to Open Models 

  • On push to open models, this function is integrated into the runner; no electricity is required
  • Push to open models feature Simlead's ‘everactive’ push to open technology which means the drawer opens further with a second or third gentle nudge if you need to access the rear bin or further back in the unit
  • This is fantastic if you appraoch the open bin with your hands full, dusty or sticky and the bin isn't open quite far enough; nudge it with your knee and it will open a little further!
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