Stacked Tumble Dryer 24 kg - TD6-24S

Dryer 23.5+23.5 kg Compass Pro. Stacked. Available in vented.

  • Category
    Clothes Dryers
  • Range
    Electrolux Professional
  • Brand
    Electrolux Professional

Main specification

  • Rated capacity, filling factor 1:22, kg/lb 19/42
  • Rated capacity, filling factor 1:18, kg/lb 24/52
  • Drum volume: 423 lt
  • Drum diameter: 832 mm


  • Width: 870 mm
  • Depth: 1335 mm
  • Height: 2085 mm

Life Cycle: 30,000 cycles


Product Features:

Priority on people

Certified ergonomic design with a human-centered approach for an outstanding user experience

  • Lint filter

The horizontal filter drawer is positioned for easy access and cleaning without the need to bend down

  • Large door opening for easy loading and unloading
  • Easy access to vital parts from front and rear for simple servicing
  • Simple use operational panels with a selection of temperature and time for easy operation and selection

Long-term savings

Innovative features to save money and time, and embrace a sustainable lifestyle with excellent water evaporation efficiency per kWh

  • Moisture Balance (optional) Helps to stop the drying process at the right time to save on energy costs
  • The coin version with Ecopower to avoid over-drying the garments and get a lower energy consumption

Pure control

Monitor your equipment and performance from anywhere, allowing you to take action and improve your business with OnE Laundry - the personal assistant for hygiene validation management, process management, and revenue management (optional).

Outstanding productivity

Dry more laundry in less time: a game-changing improvement

  • Reversing drum

Minimizes wrinkles and drying time to get an effective and even drying performance with two full loads per hour

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