Tece Lux Mini Actuator Toilet Button 

The Tece Lux Mini Actuator is an electronic glass flush plate for the TECE cistern. The flush actuation is touchfree or by means of a light tap on the button area. The approach sensor recognises when a person approaches the toilet, and activates the illumination of the button area, additionally serving as an orientation help in the dark.

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Code: 9.240.960 (White)

Code: 9.240.961 (Black)


  • White Glass 
  • Electronic flush plate with touch-free actuation for TECE standard cisterns (installation depth 13 cm) 
  • Front actuation and actuation height of approx. 1 m (centre flush plate) 
  • Flat glass actuation including mounting materials and actuation motor for dual-flush 
  • Suitable for flush-mounted installation 
  • Compatible with insert chute for cleaning tablets

Size (L) x (H)x (W): 220 x 150 x 8 mm

Disclaimer: Cannot use slimline cistern, must allow 160mm in the wall.

Min installation depth for Surface Mount: 10mm between cistern and surrounding finished wall lining. 

Min installation depth for Flush Mount: 25mm between cistern and surrounding finished wall lining.

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