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Tennis Court 19mm Turf

Okay! So you have a backyard tennis court or are you a club that is on an intermediate club level competition? Or perhaps you are contemplating a court? Quite possibly this could be surface made just for you.

At 19mm Tennis Court is a longer pile tennis surface with excellent spin and grip properties making it an excellent choice for home or medium level club use.

If you already have an existing court surface in place this is certainly no obstacle for the experienced Eco Lawn team. The existing surface will be prepared accordingly and Tennis Court will be unfurled over it. Because this product has been manufactured with all line markings in place, once laid play can commence. It is as simple as that. Your time is important to us so we ensure that our products match your lifestyle.

Its quality fibres have been fibrillated and textured ensuring durability beyond expectation. This is a surface that has been made to all the rigours of hard play and will still be begging for more.

One of this product’s many benefits is that it provides a safe playing surface and less chance of injuries no matter how intense a game may get.

Heavy rain will no longer carve out divots or render your investment useless for play. Tennis Court can be played upon after any heavy weather cycles so your game need not be put on hold.

Being Australian made means it is built to last so you have made the right choice in choosing an Eco Lawn sports surface.

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