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The QPOD™ ‘Raft’ Solution

QPOD™ can be configured as a raft solution with ribs at 1200mm centres. QPOD™ Raft Configuration is an above ground engineered flooring system, commonly known as a raft foundation, pod floor, waffle slab or floating foundation, that delivers real benefits over a conventional concrete floor and foundations. 

A grillage of beams within the concrete slab provides a stiffer and stronger final product than a conventional 100mm concrete slab on grade, and because of its inherent strength, a deepened perimeter footing can usually be omitted. While boasting a radically improved ‘R’ Value due to the encapsulated air pocket formed.

Made from recycled material and 100% recyclable with zero landfill waste, the all-new QPOD™ flooring system is the first choice for the eco-conscious.

QPOD™ Flooring System is designed to save the user time while providing an Eco-friendly alternative to the already tried and proven 3604 slab on grade and ‘Raft’ style floor configurations.

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