The Tāo Tiè Circular Rug | TTAF-008

Price per square metre

Add a vibrant and playful style to your home with the Tāo Tiè Circular Rug | TTAF-008. Handcrafted from New Zealand wool and art silk, this contemporary and playful rug has been made with utmost care and precision.

  • Category
    Floor Rugs
  • Range
    The Tāo Tiè Rug Collection
  • Brand
  • Designer
    Arthur Fan

Sizing can be customised to fit your individual requirements.

Pile weight - 2.5kg per square metre.

Design No: TTAF-008

Material Options:

  • New Zealand Wool / Art Silk
  • New Zealand Wool
Scope of use

This design is suitable for heavy duty use in domestic settings.


This hand-crafted rug is sure to inspire with its playful colour palette and vibrant design.

Arthur Fan

Arthur Fan was born in 1985, in British Colony Hong Kong. Arthur later studied at China’s leading art institution, the Tsinghua Art School in 2004.
Living in France and Canada at a young age highly influenced his work to become truly international.

He has collaborated and exhibited in galleries and art centers in Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and Dalian, China. Now traveling back and forth between Taiwan and Europe where he lives and works.

“Art can be like music… It’s a language that all of humanity understands. It doesn’t have to have lyrics to convey an emotion, a feeling. In this geometric composition series, I used nonfigurative contents, shapes, and colors to create something beautiful. It does not have any hidden meanings… Just like a nice piece of music, it is an invitation to enjoy the moment.”

Arthur Fan

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