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TSTUD Timber Framing

Up to 25% of the heat loss in your house can be caused by timber framing.
TSTUD framing is good for you, your home, your wallet, and the environment.

Timber framing gives the heat inside your home a direct bridge to escape, causing tremendous heat loss and an uncontrollable indoor environment. This is an uncomfortable, expensive and inefficient way to live.

TSTUD framing is the modern answer to standard timber framing, providing superior insulation properties, strength, sound reduction, and fire resistance.

TSTUD is an engineered building product that uses two lumber members, supported by an internal truss system that is enveloped in closed-cell foam.

TSTUD’s engineered construction significantly reduces the thermal bridge within your homes framing, allowing you to keep your home at a healthy, comfortable temperature all year round. With TSTUD framing you can achieve a healthy, enjoyable living experience with lower energy bills.

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